Brief Biography and Utility

She attended the Cignaroli Academy of Verona and the BB. AA Academy of Venice where she further explored painting techniques and painting materials.
She then attended the Sommerakademie of Salzburg. Her work is multifaceted and diverse, ranging from photography to painting and all the way to graphics and illustration, video and more. Her poetics develop through thematic cycles that tackle the widest range of subjects from floral collections to the plant world in general, the animal world in its most obscure and daily aspects, from a collection of seashells to the submarine world, from macro shots of the tiny world to the widest possible visions of scenery. For years, her ambition has been the contamination between the techniques, skilfully mixing paint, photography, design and illustration to create an object of art that is always unique and unrepeatable. Her
past experiences as a photojournalist, video maker and painter come together and integrate to build a dynamic world of images and shapes.
Art, décor, design…


Suggestion 1

Works on canvas, board or paper chosen from among my favourite subjects and the cycles that I love to photograph and paint.
All types of formats from the small painting to the large wall, from a few cm to metres of photo-painting.
Installed walls with compositions of small format series (a collection of flowers or fruits, botanical series of leaves and fruits and details or a composition of seashells or fish and jellyfish, etc…).
Large format works that, on their own, are able to decorate the entire wall, on the sofa in your kitchen in your bedroom and even in the bathroom. Surround yourself with colour and beauty in any setting with the most different subjects, the most suitable formats and the ideal support.

Suggestion 2

Works on commission, selected or recommended subjects on any format. Your favourite flower, your animal friend, the inside of your aquarium, your favourite plant, an object that catches your attention by chance, etc… It can become the subject of my work: first the photo, the post production, the print and finally the painting to bring any image you want to life. If you have an idea, propose it. I'll make it! It will always be a unique and unrepeatable piece.


Suggestion 3

Painting-photographic or photographic compositions for interior décor. Patterns for wallpaper or any décor item. My favourite subjects will be assessed to find the most suitable one to create brand new and unique decorating patterns designed for your space. A style capable of surrounding and embracing you. A world of colour and details. The iridescent light of the painting and the freshness of a photograph.