“Florilegium” is a cycle of works that includes photographic snapshots taken of a single item, on canvas. A close-up view of a collection of flowers and objects from the plant world, as if to collect a group of portraits. Each image was shot in the studio to achieve the most suitable composition and lighting effect for the next stage of the creation: the painting. In fact, after the initial photographic stage, each piece was painted individually in acrylic and oil to obtain a further intention of uniqueness, to emphasise through painting the vitality of the image, to push the chromatic matter to a fuller and more dynamic pigment, to pictorially highlight some of the details of greater interest and plastic relevance. Each canvas is the sum of several techniques, from the photograph taken in the portrait studio and processed in post production, to the temper all the way to oil painting in order to create an unrepeatable, mixed image capable of generating dialogue between several means of expression. The images depict a complete painting on a white background, one of its details and a proposed match for interior decorating on wallpaper.